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File: 1509508109891.jpg (29.13 KB, 640x360, Nicola_Lyn.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I know, there have been multiple threads already, with no results

But any win on this girl yet??

She said she might be quiting soon, so if anyone wants to make a move, be quick!


that bitch is a scam, there won't be any win stop dreaming


>refuses to ever show off her tits
hmm wonder why she might be quitting.
wish she would though




a lot of pictures to look at. cant watch more than 5 seconds of a video without being prompted to upgrade to a payment plan. gross. if anyone knows where to find the videos from october 31st that would be great. wearing a robe with no bra and it looks great.


just a confirmation that she would go braless!

Private Message with Nicola_Lyn
07:50:17 AM hiya
07:51:23 AM just curious would you possibly go bra less in your robe in private or group?
07:53:47 AM just a thought
08:08:23 AM Nicola_Lyn: hello) yes in tpvt + tip)
08:08:45 AM ok
08:08:53 AM how much tip?
08:09:26 AM Nicola_Lyn: this is very expensive, 1300)
08:09:39 AM wtf lol
08:09:57 AM thats crazy lol
08:10:28 AM Nicola_Lyn: many pay more))
08:10:54 AM they are clearly deluded and desperate lol
08:11:27 AM i was just curious thats all
08:11:47 AM Nicola_Lyn: ok)


I've seen her braless in a robe in a groupshow before.. was very nice, and not that expensive… But even braless doesn't mean you will get any win!


I'm pretty sure she will do topless true private or show some nips!


Is there a video of that particular group show?


You better be right!


Probably not! I've tried many times… Only thing that might have a chance is HUGE tip.. like at least 5 digits..


I'll post the braless shows in a few days, definitely the boldest I've ever seen from her.


yesss please and thank you!


here is the mega link my very 1st upload, i'm still a noob at this lol. p.s Not much of a win but still something


Key - !dC8S_LiMCUg4EfLwDDDdOCmNijPeOwrKboqkTbHstek

I hope other anons will post some wins


Thank you!!!!!


thanks bro


File: 1510669414866.png (567.7 KB, 639x476, NL.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1510711019940.png (324.38 KB, 640x480, nicola_lyn.png) ImgOps Google


That isn't the only braless video from that day.



Much Appreciated Thanks!


will she ever go topless?




I believe she does in true private but once you tip her at least 1300 before hand and also accept true private show


No! the 1300 tip in truepvt is just for taking off the bra…

If you ask her how much for topless, she will reply "billion tokens"…

So for those (like me)
Who still hope for topless wins:

It'll either be someone who MYSTERIOUSLY convinced her…
OR, maybe she once already did a show, but regets this… (seen this happen before)

One thing is sure, it's gonna be nearly impossible!


god dammit. i thought i would be so satisfied seeing this. and don't get me wrong..it made me bust a nut..but holy fuck finally getting an idea of just how big they are but not being able to see them naked is maddening.
thank you to whoever was able to get this out there for us


Lets See If There Is A Hero Out There Able To Post Topless Win!


There is none, yet.


Not "shared" yet!
I think the possibility of an older win is more likely than getting one in the future.. because now she is gaining populairity




shes on cam now in privates hopefully someone will get a win for us


Correct she was in a long True Private. But lets hope the person capped the show


Someone please be a hero!


I was on private with her sometimes and she dont show anything so, what makes you believe she shows now?


Stfu faggot


at least I am a faggot who have money to pay for privates. Cry me a river.


No. You're a faggot who pretends to be a faggot with money.


No need to argue here boys!
Point is… I'm afraid no matter how long a truepvt may last… chances are still incredibly low…

Let's just all hope for a miracle :D (or maybe a change of heart one of these days..)




File: 1511884920532-0.jpg (22.24 KB, 320x221, Nicola1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1511884920532-1.jpg (26.94 KB, 320x219, Nicola2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Nothing much, but..
Enjoy it bro's!


Currently on CB Room Topic "'CrazyGoal' robe on, BRA OFF"
Lets see what happens! :-)
Anyway lately she has been doing really long true pvt's on mfc so hoping she did more than usual in the true pvts and hope there is a hero that got the win fingers crossed


I once asked her for a flash for 20k

She replied that she only shows bra for this…


bumpty humpty


so some guys go private with her? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


shes wearing just her bra right now yesss


and she has an ohmibod now. thats new to me


I don't believe you. Screenshot it.


i need to correct myself she was wearing only a bra with a robe on. the second she was starting to be a bit more revealing she went for true private and never came back online. she did have a topic going that said Bra Off 1500 but she would have left her robe on for sure


i just discovered she has at least 3 dildos. this girl has been filled with surprises this last month.


File: 1512772623516.jpg (38.59 KB, 640x480, nicola_lyn_06.avi_snapshot….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

discovered it too


She have 3 dildos ok…and?? just a poor girl so she can have 6987 dildos, she is just boring and with any interest


File: 1512836251128.jpg (33.97 KB, 640x480, nicola_lyn_06.avi_snapshot….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



File: 1512884307840.jpg (557.87 KB, 2044x1544, Nicola_Lyn_31102017_1545_M….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The Best I find … for the moment !!


hmmmm…. lookin at the rest of her body i reckon once the bra comes off they will hit the floor


bring it on




I was fortunate enough to see her titfuck one of those dildos. and as far as she was letting on it was her first time trying it.


Stop trolling


Cool story bro.


File: 1513572026789.png (4.69 MB, 2120x1596, nottrolling.png) ImgOps Google

mind you, I never said she went nude to try it. and I didn't want to post on here because now she's already insisting that she won't show off her dildos anymore. But I wanted to share cause thats what we do here. Still hoping to make more progress with her.


Sorry for not believing you bro


Okay, I'll tell you. She is studying with me at the same university. I was sitting on a bench in it once, looking up and seeing her. I almost died of a heart attack because of such a surprise. I wanted to meet her, but I'm a coward with acne on the face


And sorry for Google translator


maybe if idiots stop paying for nothing we will get more chances to see those boobs. she is in a adult site making a lot of money giving nothing in return if all girls started doing the same shit we wouldn t be seeing naked girls.


+1 like princessa777



This. It does not mean that it works. But if they receive money in it without showing anything, why should they show anything at all? They are already winning without doing anything. The main culprits of not showing anything is who gives them money without doing anything.


So whats the plan? To rally together to not pay a non nude camgirl to make her realize that she has to strip in order to get money? Good luck with that. These kind of girls will get paid regardless based on looks. Any horny numbskull will tip her or go private without even thinking. From my knowledge, a lot of these non nude camgirls will have a select few regulars that they trust. Meaning the same few people will go to them consistently and spend a lot of money on them and in doing that, develop some sort of friendship to them. And in gaining that trust, they might have access to some nudity that others won't. Usually slowly pushing the girls limits until she sheds some clothing. And who knows, it could take months or years to accomplish that. It's not always a guarantee. But if its agreed upon, then you'll most likely get it if you are going to her that frequently. You just have to spend the money or wait for one of the regulars to share it. And at that point, those regulars have spent so much money, that they don't want to share it. Because why should they share something for free that possibly took thousands to get?
It's the sad truth. If you have a very popular non nude cam girl that actually went nude for you, but it took you a fortune to obtain, would you share it?


hey the translator was good no worries. but man, if you are for real, you not to talk to her. You might be the lucky one.


you're right, if I spent lot of money on private to see a non nude model naked, I will not share (maybee for trade for another non nude :-))But I talk about Princessa777 who never do private or group, and guys continue to tip her a lot. I f they don't, maybee she remove her mood non nude (or no topless)


I'm not familiar with Princessa777. I'm just speaking of non nude camgirls in general. Some guys will put a lot of time and money into achieving their goal of nudity with these girls. And if they succeed, it's usually not shared without some kind of cost like trading. Either way, you will still have to spend the money on one of these camgirls to obtain something you want in trade. Especially if it wasn't easy to get.


This bitch is a scam she was doing group on mfceee and was public on CB at the same time.



Almost all the camgirls do the same. Its not a scam. She was private for that site, not for all, simple.


Sorry, I probably did not understand you. I should not have talked to her?


Dont say anything about cam. Just that.


Lol, of course. If I said "Hi, Nicola_Lin, I'm your fan!" then it would hardly have been possible to persuade her to have sex


bump for updates












hope i save the thread in time! I found a couple of videos where she goes braless


File: 1515846511348.jpg (34.3 KB, 512x382, nicola.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google




Now in our country students write exams, maybe Nicola_Lyn too. I'll be at the university today, if I see her, I'll take a picture. But if she is alone, she might even get to know her. But it is very unlikely.


No, I did not meet her. Maybe this year she finishes the university already


Keep your eyes open!

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